• Consultancy Services (including Orcaflex & CAD)
  • Fully Equipped Wave Test Facility
  • Wave Rider Buoy
  • High Speed Strain Measurement
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Real Time Monitoring & Control


Remote Monitoring

The facility has 2 off dataTakers DT800s which can be configured to log engineering information at remote locations. Parameters which could be of interest, but are not limited to, pressure, temperature, load, strain and displacement for example.

High Speed Strain Measurement

The facility has an industrialised Vishay System 7000, capable of recording precision strain measurements at high speed, 2048Hz simultaneously on all channels.  It is possible to record up to a maximum of 128 channels all at the same time.  Strain gauges, strain-gauge-based transducers, thermocouples, LDVTs and other sensors with high voltage outputs can be connected to the unit, intermixed in groups of eight.

Directional Waverider Buoy

The facility also has its own Datawell MKII waverider buoy for wave resource measurement.  It can be deployed in water depths from 17m to 100m and has a 50km transmission range and it comes with its own receiving base station and data storage. The unit has been regularly deployed in the North Atlantic for periods up to 1yr. We also have the capability to post process the data from the buoy using Waves21.

The System 7000 is capable of self-calibration anywhere.  Data can be acquired on the unit without having a computer connected. A remote access facility is provided via a network connection and the unit can therefore be fully remotely controlled. The system is configured using the StrainSmart software.

Real Time Monitoring & Control

The facility has a National Instrument CompactRIO, this is an industrialised rugged realtime critical data monitor and controller.

CompactRIO is a reconfigurable embedded control and acquisition system. The CompactRIO system’s rugged hardware architecture includes I/O modules, a reconfigurable chassis and an embedded controller.